MCY (Military Connected Youth) Breakfast and Celebration

April 19, 2023

MCY (Military Connected Youth) Breakfast and Celebration

Message that Mrs Opie delivered at the breakfast.

Good Morning Distinguished Guests, Students and Families:

  It is with great pride that I thank you for joining us at our Military Connected Youth Breakfast. From our Intimate beginnings in our library where we took time to recognize all of our students for the special role, they play in the military family to this outstanding gathering now.

  Celebrating the Month of the military child is personal for me. Growing up as a child of two Naval officers I remember, all too well, the challenges faced as a military child. Deployments stay with you forever; I vividly remember my mother’s deployment my senior year of high school to Iraq, the separation, emotions were extremely difficult, and our family still feels the effects to this day.  I remember the moves, being the new kid, traveling from state to state and feeling anxious about new beginnings. 

  I love being a part of a school community that recognizes all of these layers. And I hope you and your family feel connected to our community no matter how long your stay with us is. When someone asks me where I am from, I proudly say, “everywhere.” Early on, I learned that home is where your family is. We want you to know, Gunston is your family too.

  Being a military youth helps you build resiliency, exposes you to new experiences, gives you the chance to see the world and meet new people. It is important that we recognize and honor the contributions and sacrifices of our military youth. As a Gunston family we will continue to make our school community another place you can call home on your journey. We are so grateful for your families and you.