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School Motto

  • "Where Every Eagle Soars!”

Gunston Vision Statement                       picture of eagle mascot


  • All Gunston Elementary School stakeholders are accountable for the success of our students. Achievement is measured to ensure that all students, regardless of race, economic status, language, or disability, access a quality education. A variety of assessments are used to drive instruction. Objective feedback is given on a regular basis to motivate students and teachers to strive for excellence. Students develop ownership of their own progress and learning. Accomplishments large and small are celebrated.

School Climate

  • Gunston Elementary School is a professional learning community that provides an environment of collaboration and teamwork where a passion for learning exists. We encourage a celebration of and respect for diversity. The Gunston community fosters universal ownership of excellence which is focused on current assessment data. On a daily basis the Gunston family can be seen exhibiting responsible, respectful, and safe behaviors. Gunston strives to provide its students and staff with a safe, stimulating, and inviting environment.


  • Gunston Elementary School provides students, staff, and community opportunities to stretch their capabilities beyond the basics, through a commitment to high standards and student success. Gunston Elementary School offers education that encompasses the arts, literacy, technology, and preparation for the next level of achievement


  • Imagine! Believe! Achieve!


At Gunston Elementary School we believe that:

  • Diversity is a strength
    • In creating a supportive nurturing environment where caring and respectful relationships create a positive learning environment
    • In fostering healthy bodies and healthy minds
    • In a child-centered environment
    • In a collaborative and supportive culture where we work together to embrace the needs of every student and develop a community of knowledgeable educators where leadership and responsibility are shared
    • In a creative, flexible and adaptive working environment   
  • Responsibility for maximizing student learning and growth is shared by all (students, staff, and parents)
  • Analyzing data guides instruction and allows us to differentiate, leading to higher levels of student learning

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Student Rights & Responsibilities

Gunston Elementary is part of Region 6

Fairfax County Public Schools