Military Family Support

Gunston Salutes Children of Military Families

Student of Military Families

We are very proud of our students from military families at Gunston.  We know there may be extended needs and we are always working to provide support and understanding whenever we can. We also count ourselves lucky to have former service members in our midst. 

Gunston will be observing April as the Month of the Military Child

Since 1986, this designation has been intended to recognize and thank children from military families.  Gunston will be observing this month in the following ways:

  • Watch for events this April to celebrate Month of the Military Child.
  • National Purple Up Day is in April.  Please wear Purple! 


In the Spring of 2018 and 2019  we brought awareness to our community about these families.  We celebrated the contribution of these youth and their families with a breakfast before school.

Celebratory Breakfast at Gunston 2018

The Gunston community was proud to collect donations for deployed families in 2018 and 2019. Students and parents were delighted that they could help make a small difference in military live by donating various goods to our collection sent out. Teams decorated boxes with lively signs and filled them with goodies provided by our community.

Teachers were provided training to gain perspective and mindfulness on how to help students and families with transitions, extended family absences or deployment and stresses that might plague this group. 

Opportunities for after school clubs, student ambassadors to welcome incoming transfers and classroom stories that bring understanding are other ways our school provides support.

We offer traditions from Veteran's Day ceremonies and Memorial Day hero walls to bring a common understanding among all the youth of Gunston. Inherent in all our community/school programs at school is empathy-building and respect for all those from families who serve.

Gunston Supports Youth of Military Families