Parents and Schoology at Gunston ES

About Schoology: for Parents

Parents who have activated their ParentSIS (AKA ParentVue) accounts have automatic access to Schoology, the learning management system of FCPS.  It replaces Blackboard and more. 

The ParentSIS username and password are also used for Schoology. Parents must use the FCPS Schoology link to log in: in Chrome or Safari. If you have not, please activate your account; it works for ALL your children in FCPS and continues through 12th grade regardless of FCPS school!

Super short videos (about 60 seconds long) on YouTube for parents.

FCPS Schoology page for Parents

 When you log in with your parent account, you will be seeing YOUR Schoology courses and groups. Click the blue banner at the top to see courses or groups you are enrolled in.  You can change your view in the upper right hand corner where your name/avatar is located to SEE any of your FCPS students’ courses and assignments.

While you can view your student’s courses and information, you cannot see information about the other students in the class and you cannot edit any of your child’s items.  Any Google assignments are also not viewable by parents because they “live” in the student’s Google Account. (Just ask your child to show you when they log in.)

Gunston has a Community Course that has students and parents enrolled and it also has Gunston Parent course that only parents can view. At Gunston we try to post relevant, helpful and current information in these courses.  Examples of items in the Parent Course include:  FLE materials and Parent Handbook.

Issues?  Schoology Info   More questions? Review this site for support.  We are hoping for 100% parent participation!

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