K-6 Curriculum

Curriculum overviews and unit standards from the planning and pacing guides will be posted on the FCPS public web. Over 86 web pages are being developed to reflect the scope and sequence of core content areas across K-12. The goal is to provide families a comprehensive overview of what students are learning and when they are learning it.

The objectives and outcomes for each unit are common across FCPS and based on the Virginia Standards of Learning. The pacing by quarter and by week provides an example of how the curriculum can be organized throughout the year. Teacher teams may adjust the pacing or order of units to best meet the needs of students.

Information will be updated at the start of each school year to reflect curriculum updates. To access the grade level and/or course web pages directly, first search for the level within the Academics page, select grade level or content, and click on Year at a Glance. 



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