Those students eligible to ride the school bus will receive a letter indicating their bus stop and time. Please report to the bus stop at least five minutes prior to the listed time. Students are required to board and depart the bus at the stop nearest to their homes to prevent over-crowding on buses. Any changes require permission from the school office. Please be patient with any changes or delays in the transportation schedule as some needed adjustments are made during the first week of school.

Kindergarten students will not be let off the bus unless an adult is present and will be returned to school if a parent is not at the bus stop to meet them. The bus driver may not accept responsibility for another person picking up your child. For this reason, if someone else will pick up your kindergarten student please inform the school. 

PLEASE NOTE: THIS INFORMATION MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME DURING REMOTE/CONCURRENT LEARNING (Contact the school or read for transportation updates in the latest Gazette for the latest information about transportation.)

If you require a change, such as riding a different bus or meeting a parent at the Kiss-N- Ride site, please send a note to your child’s teacher on the morning of the change. If a student is visiting a friend, both students must bring permission notes from their parents. Buses operate at capacity and cannot accommodate extra passengers.   

School Drop Off and Pick Up Information

To ensure safety for our students, we ask parents to remember the followinggraphic of school bus

  • Doors open at 8:25 a.m.

  • If students arrive prior to 8:25 a.m. they are to remain with their parent.

  • Students must not arrive before 8:25 a.m, and must be picked up by 3:30 p.m. as the school does not provide before or after school supervision.

  • For the first days of school, staff members are assigned to assist children in finding their classrooms.

  • As a safety measure, we ask that all Kiss–N-Ride students be dropped off at Entrance #3. You will need a Kiss-N-Ride tag in your car window.

  • If you arrive after 8:35  a.m. and the Kiss-N-Ride has closed, please park your car and walk your students through door #1.

  • Students arriving after 8:35 a.m. need to be walked into the building and signed in as tardy.

  • Students should not cross Gunston Road or the parking lot, please use the crosswalk.


Emergency School Closing, Delayed Opening or Early Dismissal

In  the  event  of  an  emergency,  such  as extreme  heat,  cold  or  snow,  the  Division Superintendent may decide to have:

All-Day Closing

  • All schools shall be closed for the day.
  • Extracurricular activities, interscholastic contests, team practices, field trips, adult and community  education classes, and recreation programs in school and on school grounds are canceled.
  • All offices are open unless the closing of offices is specified.

Two-Hour Delayed Opening

Two-Hour Early Dismissal

graphic of clouds with lightening  

       FCPS Inclement Weather Information