Annual Harvest Walk

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October 30, 2023

Harvest Walk is About Kindness

Red Ribbon Week and “Dare to Care” - Gunston celebrated living bully-free and drug-free this week.  Along with these events and building on the kindness theme, Staff and students collected canned goods for the Annual Gunston Harvest Walk to support the local food kitchen, Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC). Student Ambassadors provided a rousing pep talk for the walkers. Mr Song put on the tunes and the students rounded the playground field a number of times to complete our Harvest Walk. It was a fun time on a beautiful day.

Lorton Community Action Center Collects the Donations from Gunston

Maintaining his annual winning streak, Mr Balocki’s class yet again donated the most, tipping the scales at over 800 food items. Miss Carpenter’s, Mrs Benton’s and Mrs Azizian’s classes were all runners up.  In all there was almost 2000 pounds of donated food for our drive. Well done Gunston! This is how to show kindness.  

Mrs Ephraim and Mrs Amin along with Mrs Schroeder and Mrs Garcia worked together to make all the aspects of the walk progress smoothly.

Truck is packed with canned donations
A team of teachers and LCAC staff load the donation truck.