Gunston's Sounds of the Winter Season

December 16, 2022

Gunston's Sounds of the Winter Season

chorus students on stage

With sounds of the winter season songs streaming from the gym, Gunston held it's Annual Winter Sing Along this week. Strings, band and chorus all played and sang seasonal melodies. The audience joined in during much of the singing. The gym was joyfully packed with parents and students. There was a special tribute to Mr Benton for his last of many many winter concerts.  He is retiring next year, but promises to visit frequently afterwards. The Gunston team of musical teachers managed the awesome performance.  Ms Ragusa directed the strings students and Ms Bowen took charge of the band.  Mr Benton and Ms Wildermuth presented the chorus.  It was a great evening.

ms wildermuth and the chorus on stage


mr Benton and students in chorus
Students, parents and administrators thanking Mr Benton for his years of music leading at Gunston. This will be his last winter concert.  He is retiring at the end of the school year.


ms ragusa directs the strings    Chorus sings

students playing string instruments    Audience clapping and singing

 Ms Wildermuth directs the chorus on stange