Portrait of a Graduate Skills

August 31, 2023

Portrait of a Graduate Skills: The keys to success in life

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Portrait of a Graduate Skills: The keys to success in life

POG is all about students using and growing skills that help them succeed in All aspects of life.

In all school subjects

At home in the community and with hobbies and interests...

In future careers, passions and relationships!

Communicator: Sharing thoughts, feelings, ideas and perspectives so others can understand us, and we can understand them.

Ethical and Global Citizen: Recognizing similarities and differences among cultures, caring for our planet and acting responsibly.

Collaborator: Working respectfully with others by honoring different viewpoints, ideas and perspectives to achieve common goals.

Creative and Critical Thinker: Creating unique solutions to challenges that arise and making the world a better place by asking, " how can I make a difference?"

Goal Directed and Resilient Individual: Making healthy choices when choosing friends, managing time, and setting goals to accomplish important tasks.

Skills for success! Today! Tomorrow! In the Future!


How can you help at home?  Ask questions that will help your child talk more deeply about school.

INSTEAD of: what did you do today, TRY: What did you share? What did you get better at? What new ideas did you come up with? Who did  you work with?

These will lead to specific answers of what they really did and how they did it. 

Family Portrait of a Graduate (POG) Questions for Home

Better questions get better answers! When you are talking to your kids at home, consider these ideas so that students will talk, share, and discuss important skills.

How I’m using skills

“Who in your class did you work with today? What did you work on?”
● “What new ideas did you create today?”
● “How or what did you share today? With your teacher? With friends?”
● “What are you doing in school that you are excited about? What do you like about it?”
● “What is the hardest thing you did today? What made it hard? What are you doing to
make it seem easier?”
● “What are you proud of that you are doing? Why?”
● “Who is someone that you enjoy working with? (Teacher or student) What makes them

How I’m growing

● “What are you getting better at? How do you know?”
● “What do you do best? Why is it important?”

Why the skills are important

Have a Conversation! Consider sharing stories about how YOU work with others, share ideas, and solve problems at work, home, and in the community. This will help students see how these skills are important in your life, too, and help them see connections between school skills and adult skills! “Today I . . . “ or “At my job, I . . .”